Catering & Craft Services

We cook food that makes happy employees happier. Working with law firms, trading firms, pro sports teams, and musicians, we’ve figured out how to create food that consistently delivers on flavor, quality, and service. Our meals are chef-crafted and made from scratch, approved by our in-house registered dietitian, and delivered by a catering staff ready to take care of your every need. 

We know that an office consists of multiple people, all with different tastes.  What makes Fed-Up Meals unique is that we create menus that are craveable and get your office excited – all while focusing on using top quality organic produce, pasture-raised meats, and organic grains.  For example, we replace cheap, filler foods like normal pasta with higher quality alternatives like sweet potatoes, which are free of gluten and packed with nutrients. It’s the little healthy tweaks like this that make a huge difference in quality and keep everyone happy. 

Our number one goal is to keep your office satisfied, and we are confident we can do it in a healthy way. We will work to get your office what it needs!

Contact us at or 516-502-5927
for more information or to schedule a catering tasting.